The Value of Transactional Emails

 Order confirmation emails are essential for boosting your purchases.

It has been proven time and time again that customers who make a purchase once are vastly more inclined to do it again. Order confirmation and other transactional emails have incredible open rates, as they contain important messages regarding customer purchases. If you tailor your confirmation emails well, you can wield them to complement your brand, extend customer interaction and boost additional purchases.


One excellent tactic to implement in transactional emails is a membership program. Consider capturing the shopper’s interest in membership with personalized recommendations. With membership, it is especially crucial to focus on long-term benefits rather than short-term ones. A membership program has the potential to keep customers connected to the company, therefore stimulating future purchases.  

Another common tactic includes promoting recommended products and other related brands. These are often included as “you may also like…” with a list of products. Similarly, including a referral program is also a reliable and effective order confirmation strategy. You can include a personalized message in your order confirmation email to “send this link to your friend and get 25% off of your next purchase.” This way, you can create customer engagement and brand growth.

There are unlimited possibilities with transactional emails, but it is important to pick a system that best fits with the brand and the type of relationship you are seeking to develop with your customer. Feel free to alter the design, include interactive elements or input key messages to make your order confirmation emails more meaningful for the customer experience.

Order confirmation emails can be invaluable if tailored to be a tool to boost purchases. It’s up to you to use them well. Let’s work!





Gabriel Estrada